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Making Sheep Happy

Awhile ago when we still had some decent pasture left, I remembered to take the camera along on one of our sheep moves. This was an “easy” one — we just needed to open a fence and let the group through to the new grass — but I thought it’d be fun to document happy sheep. Even after so many years of doing this, they        [….read more]

About the Blues

I forgot to mention a couple of very important things in my post about Rhinebeck!

Our breed organization, the American Coopworth Registry, was invited to participate in the Breeds Display Barn. Of course we jumped right on the opportunity to show Coopworths to the many folks who come to the festival! The displays are all part of a competition, too, and ours won a        [….read more]

Island Holiday

I’ve been to an island! OK — not the warm, tropical kind. North Haven is just an hour and a bit out by ferry, and Becky & Bill live there year round. Of course its population grows by leaps and bounds in the summer but at this time of year it’s fairly quiet. Becky met me and as we drove from the ferry to the        [….read more]

Our Harvest — Part 2

Taa-daa! All done! The weather was a bit nicer than last Saturday and with fewer sheep to shear, it was a shorter day. After we were done, there were 8 of us around the table. What a nice day!

Skirting this way is fun and fast.

Skirting is done. The fleece is rolled and wrapped in a sheet.

Here        [….read more]

Fleeces on the Hoof

Today we gave all the sheep that were sheared their CDT vaccinations and let them go back into the paddock. There’s no reason for them to be in the barn making a bigger mess for us to clean up and they’re much happier when they’re outside. The weather is going to be wet on and off all week so we’ll keep the woolie sheep in        [….read more]