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The Peeps Have Landed

Our barn is full of little peeps and I love the sound of them when I open the door. They are just the cutest little things when they’re this age.

Our day began with a call from our Post Office.

As you may have guessed from my writing about the chickens, I really do enjoy them no matter what their age but        [….read more]

First Egg!

Remember those little balls of fluff in the photo I posted way back in May?

Isn't this the cutest little egg?! Each time this hen lays, the egg will get a little bigger until it is "normal" size for that breed of chicken. We don't know which one is laying but she gets a gold star!

Well, they’re practically grown up now and        [….read more]

The Hens Aren't Talking

The chicken mystery remains a mystery… The hens are acting as though nothing is out of the ordinary so I guess we’ll assume that’s the case. Of course, you know what they say about assuming!

That's a teeny tiny egg next to a couple of regular eggs and a quarter!

They’re laying pretty regularly for an “over the hill” group (that’d        [….read more]

Moving Day

At this time of year, we do alot of moving…moving animals that is. The sheep groups are moved to fresh pasture about every few days and the laying hens have to move around, too, so they always have fresh greens and bugs to eat. Recently, between rain showers, we spent some quality time with our poultry friends. We used to let the hens peck around        [….read more]

Happier Hens

These eggs are pretty and yummy, too!

The chickens are definitely liking the warmer, longer days. We seem to be getting a few more eggs than we were during the winter. Some of our hens are “unimproved” breeds so they have a tendency to turn off the egg making gear when the weather is cold and the days are short. Jim’s been looking        [….read more]