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Island Holiday

I’ve been to an island! OK — not the warm, tropical kind. North Haven is just an hour and a bit out by ferry, and Becky & Bill live there year round. Of course its population grows by leaps and bounds in the summer but at this time of year it’s fairly quiet. Becky met me and as we drove from the ferry to the        [….read more]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s been a little weird around here lately…not bad weird, just different weird. It’s the “no lambs” thing. It all started with no pregnant ewes (by choice) and that meant I didn’t spend endless hours staring at the ewes’ butts nor did we have long conversations about so-in-so’s vulva over our evening meal. (Our sons used to love this!) I wasn’t trying to sneak a        [….read more]

My Favorite!

This is absolutely my most favorite piece of eqiuipment ever…even more favorite than the food processor or the KitchenAid mixer!! I don’t know why we didn’t get it years ago…maybe we were younger and our backs were stronger. But then one day a couple of years ago, our backs started screaming and we listened. And this wonderous thing came to live here. Usually it just        [….read more]

To Flush or Not to Flush

This has nothing to do with the john! It’s about breeding ewes. OK — this is one of those “big sigh moments” that most shepherds don’t even think about ever thinking about because it’s unthinkable! I’ve been giving serious thought to not breeding the ewes this season. I know, I know…it really is unthinkable. But when I think about spending more time on fiber work        [….read more]