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not a good week

Sometimes amidst the beauty, wonder and entertainment factor of this farm, up pops frustration and misery…the kind that makes you put off the walk out to the barn in the morning for fear of what you’ll find. The kind that can make you dissolve into a weeping lump followed by primal rage. That’s the kind of week it’s been.

Bad Chicken – not afraid        [….read more]

Ninety + Days…

On Columbus Day weekend, I heard myself saying to some visitors, “We have a farm blog. Well, actually, I haven’t posted for a while.” After they left I checked… July?! O-MY! Then I was bogged down with preparing for the trip to Rhinebeck. And then there was…well, who knows…just days that go by. Believe me when I say I’m not sitting around sipping champers and        [….read more]

A Farm Grows in Bristol

There’s been a population explosion here…so much so that I’ve been up to my ears in new little bodies for the last couple of weeks. We go through this every year but this year we’re getting everyone onboard a little earlier than usual…because we’re not busy cycling various groups of sheep/lambs around on the grass daily. The newbies are 4 Tamworth piglets, 50 Cornish chicks        [….read more]