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WooHoo Moo!

Back in January, I posted about our visit to the Ag Show. One thing that we found there really excited us — MOO Milk. The MOO stands for “Maine’s Own Organic.” We waited and watched our market’s cooler and when it arrived, we snatched it right up. We’ve been enjoying it for over a month now. Honestly…we don’t drink massive amounts of milk. Neither of        [….read more]

Columbus Day Open House

Here's Nina milking one of her goats…they're just the sweetest girls an their milk is YUM!

Our local craft guild had their annual open house today. I had to clean up and organize the yarn & rovings in the studio which is always a good thing and I had to bake -ugh! I’m not a baker…hate making cookies. But I made some pumpkin        [….read more]