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A Break

WeatherSow is naked. The cats are happy about that…they think she’s the best scratching post ever. I mean…just look at her snout, tail and ears!

It's amazing what 3 inches of rain and a couple of 45 degree days can do to two feet of snow! So now we begin again…

We had some really warm days not too long ago and it        [….read more]

Celebrate X 3

Skye, our Border Collie, celebrated his birthday on July 1 — 13 years! Most people who meet him have no idea he has (major) hip problems…he hides it well. He looks pretty darn good for a “geriatric” (according to his vet) dog. We don’t use the “g” word around here — mostly because we’re all getting there and would prefer not to think about it!

       [….read more]

Rain,rain Go Away!

OK…enough is enough! I like a good rainy day from time to time. It gives you a reason to pause and take a breath before you get back to crazy “normal” life. But this is really awful. I just want to crawl into bed with a cuppa tea and a good book. But NO…we have to be out in it, move wet sheep, move fence        [….read more]