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the between days

I love the days between Christmas and New Year! It could well be my favorite week of the year. I get a lot done and, if only for a short time, I feel somewhat organized. I might even have time to do something new and different…or something that’s been put off for lack of the good chunk of time it requires.

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We all know I don’t post regularly so it’d be silly to say I hadn’t posted recently because our internet has been sketchy. But it is true that our cable was acting up last week and it got progressively worse until finally on Thursday, it pretty much died.

So while we were waiting for the tech & cable guys to show up, I got some        [….read more]

Ewe Attitude

Maybe it’s because I know our sheep so well but I can tell exactly what these girls are thinking…

Ears back…I'm in the dog house.

This is usually because I’m taking too long to put out the morning buffet. And here’s Tatum doing her impression of Queen Victoria. Actually, I believe she was Queen Victoria in another life. Oooo — the body language!

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More Shearing Day

And now a little creative piece from Jim. Enjoy!

Shearing Day(s)

Look at the lustre!!

Whew! Shearing for this year is done! We’re so lucky to have sheep that make such beautiful fiber and a “sheep whispering” shearer. Mother Nature smiled upon us and gave us the most gorgeous day on Saturday. She even brought on the sun just as we gathered to finish up on Sunday.

Thanks to all who came to        [….read more]