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shearing 2012

We sheared all the ewes on the 10th. Well, actually Emily sheared them and did a fabulous job as always. She makes it look so easy and is never grumpy even when there are challenging moments. It may have been over a week ago but memories of the big reveal are fresh, and Jim and I are still talking about how many people came by.        [….read more]

More Shearing Day

And now a little creative piece from Jim. Enjoy!

Shearing Day(s)

Look at the lustre!!

Whew! Shearing for this year is done! We’re so lucky to have sheep that make such beautiful fiber and a “sheep whispering” shearer. Mother Nature smiled upon us and gave us the most gorgeous day on Saturday. She even brought on the sun just as we gathered to finish up on Sunday.

Thanks to all who came to        [….read more]

Sorting Fleeces

There are still some fleeces that haven’t been sent off from fall shearing and they need to go! It’s been too cold to stay in the barn for any length of time and the fleeces are impossible to unroll so I’ve brought some into the studio to warm up. We did a very good job of skirting them at shearing so there isn’t too much        [….read more]

Gilda’s Hogget Fleece

Gilda's fleece and the yarn sample I made using the dog comb flicking method. The yarn is spun in the grease but here it's been washed.

I’m spinning Gilda’s hogget fleece now — flicking the raw locks with a dog comb and spinning them randomly. The fleece is multicolored and the resulting yarn is amazing! What a change her fleece has undergone with        [….read more]