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Hatchtown Spindle Shop closed for RE-stocking

I have just closed the web shop while I upload information about new spindles:

Kaaris, several UpSideDown Spinimals and a few Orfooks (threading hooks by another name)

I should be re-opening in a few hours — Monday, June 6 11:00 am

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the Hatchtown online shop is a success

line drawing: elevation view of a classic Lady Ann "Victorian silk spindle"

  Whew! We finally took the plunge and installed what they call an “e-commerce solution.” Pam noticed that our good friend and entrepreneur extraordinaire Michele Michael had used something called Big Cartel to connect an online shop cum shopping cart to her website Elephant Ceramics.

Well, we launched our Shop a week or so ago and all went very well! TaDAAA! Each of the        [….read more]