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the Hatchtown online shop is a success

line drawing: elevation view of a classic Lady Ann "Victorian silk spindle" 
Whew! We finally took the plunge and installed what they call an “e-commerce solution.” Pam noticed that our good friend and entrepreneur extraordinaire Michele Michael had used something called Big Cartel to connect an online shop cum shopping cart to her website Elephant Ceramics.

Well, we launched our Shop a week or so ago and all went very well! TaDAAA! Each of the spindles I make is unique so we had to list every “item” as having an “inventory” of One (1).

screen capture: section of the Hatchtown Farm online shop powered by Big Cartel

A monitor “screen capture” showing a section of the Hatchtown online shop (March 2013)

We really did not want to experience three or four spinners being upset because they had all BOUGHT and PAID FOR the same Amelia High Whorl. I’m now able to happily report that, from our end, there was not a single “double sale” processed through Big Cartel and PayPal.

We’ve been emailing the faithful customers who have been on our mailing list. Sending emails first to those who have been on the list the longest. I’m not accepting any “orders” until everyone on the list has had a chance to shop available inventory.

It is mid-morning Sunday as I type this and I am about to put the Shop into “maintenance mode” so I can update the inventory this afternoon.

If you have not signed up to be on the “mailing list” fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the “Tools” page.

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