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Welcome to WoodShop News

Zebrawood Kaari high whorl spindleIf all goes well this will be the first post (yes, this is really a blog, but we’re not calling it that cuz it might scare folks) in the brandy new Hatchtown Farm “words from the woodshop” page on the website.

Testing …Testing Can you hear me now.

2 comments to Welcome to WoodShop News

  • Barbara

    Jim, you are such a tease! Now that you have printed photos of these neat thingamabobs, you know you have to make more of them, right? Happy fall, and how many lambs do you expect in the spring?

  • Jim

    You have to truly believe in the existence of the “Two-of-a-Kind”. If I were to make another of either of these tools that’d then be “THREE-of-a-Kind” and the balance of the cosmos would be thrown horribly out of kilter. I could never let that happen.

    The rams, Bartok and Cole, are “in” with the girls. The math should be: (11 EWES – 1 EWE returning to North Haven after breeding) / 2 RAMS X 200% Lambing Rate = 20 LAMBs “on the ground” come Spring 2012 And then, of course, Mother Nature and The Law of Averages dictate that there will be 10 Ram lambs and 10 Ewe lambs. If you think I sound very knowledgeable, just remember that Mr. Woody Allen said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”