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Restful Days Following the Maine Fiber Frolic

Want to know what’s happening at Hatchtown? Visit Pam’s Farm Journal blog.

color photo / Macro Detail — spindle shaft and whorl — black Wenge and orange Padauk
The Hatchtown “Spindle Shop” is open & stocked with
fresh inventory!



color photo: helper at the skirting table

Flying fingers at the skirting table. “Many hands” and all that stuff.





 Regular helpers Jocelyn and Nina were joined by Hazel and a few other ladies. Greg wrangled sheep in the pen all morning and then disappeared missing out on the major feed at the end of the day.





There’s something about shearing day that puts Goldendoodle Gemma into “best behavior” mode. With a kitchen full of people, and even a few KIDS, Gemma lay quietly under the table, gracefully accepting hugs and pets when offered.

Head Shepherd Pam garnered high marks at last year’s Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Well, more to the point, her sheep did well in the Fleece Show and Sale — the largest in the country. Flora’s steely grey fleece was awarded the second place red ribbon in the Coopworth breed class.
color photo - closeup detail -- Hatchtown ewe Flora's red-ribbon-winning steel grey fleece

AND! In the same Breed Competition, Hatchtown ewe Star’s white fleece was proclaimed El Primo, number one, first place, blue ribbon entry.
color photo - closeup detail -- Hatchtown ewe Star's 1st place, blue-ribbon-winning white fleece
Interest in wool and the animals producing it certainly seem to be on the upturn. There was a record 820 fleeces registered for the MDSW’s fleece show and sale this year.

color photo: Emily shearing

color photo: broiler chick - 1 of 78

color photo: 78 chicks basking under their infra red heat lamps

color photo: closeup of a handspindle's whorl -- woods: orange Padauk and creamy Ash

Big News: We opened a shop offering Hatchtown handspindles, Nøstepindes, Orfooks and such online for the first time in awhile. We sent announcements to the fiber folks who had been on “the list” the longest. The e-commerce software has performed really well. There has not been a single instance where two spinners thought they’d both bought the same spindle.

Farmyard Update:The tractor arrived home from the shop with its new crankshaft AND battery — runs better than ever! …and we should have it all paid for by this time next year. :-(

color pic - Goldendoodle wearing a dayglo orange scarf

Gemma loves her day-glo bandanna

color pic- Coopworth yarn and blue ribbon

A skein of Pam’s yarn went BLUE in the Garden State.

color photo: Jim's detailing gouge with Purpleheart, Padauk and Wenge in the background

Two of fiber artists’ favorite woods: Purpleheart from South America and Padauk (I say “PA-dook”) out of Africa are always featured prominently in every batch of handspindles emerging from the woodshop.

color pic: Hatchtown low whorl "Production" handspindles.

A passel of Hatchtown low whorl “Production” handspindles.


Check Out the FAVORITE FARMERS MARKETs in Your State

The results are in! Good news: thanks to visitors here and to the Hatchtown Farm Facebook Page the Damariscotta Farmers Market was voted the favorite “small” (16-30 vendors) market in Maine …it bears mentioning that Maine does not have a single “large” market (56+ vendors).

Congratulations to the market, its vendors and, OF COURSE, to all of us! We are all winners!


Hatchtown Farm is tucked away on the Pemaquid peninsula …

Award-winning Fleeces!

…in midcoast Maine, a delightful spot steeped in history and natural beauty. We share this old farm with Skye, a geriatric Border Collie, Gemma, a bouncy Goldendoodle puppy, Hera and Hermes, a sister and brother team of felines, a flock of registered Coopworth sheep and a mixed bag of laying hens with a sometime smattering of pigs and ??? thrown in just to thwart possible boredom.


multi-colored eggs in carton

Fresh eggs

We’re a small farm, working sustainably and with a hands on approach to all that we do. Our customers tell us that they value our friendly, personalized service and the attention to detail that goes into all of our products. In our tools, fiber and food you will find excellent quality, simple beauty and joy in their use.


We invite you to visit us if you’re in the area …see the sheep …fondle some fiber …take away wonderful memories and maybe some goodies! If you can’t come to Bristol, visit our Farm Journal for all the latest news.