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May 2015
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Spring has Arrived ….?

Want to know what’s happening at Hatchtown? Visit Pam’s Farm Journal blog.

Okay! We’ve done the Groundhog Thing and sprung our clocks ahead …but, Spring? REALLY?color photo: cropped Instagram image of dog Gemma standing on 30 inches plus of Spring Snow

To tell the whole story: the chickens have re-started egg-laying, and the ewes in the paddock are now lounging on bare ground. Of course, that ground is only bare where we had repeatedly cleared away the bountiful white stuff from above.

color photo: Hatchtown road sign peaking out above snow

 It was a long and slow Winter. There were weeks during which it seemed we spent every waking hour, and then some, tossing, pushing, plowing and blowing newly fallen snow.
color photo: Instagram image of ewes at feeder standing on bare ground
Knock on wood: power outages were sporadic, did not last long and did not occur when the temperatures were at their coldest.

We are hopeful …and thinking WARM thoughts about the future.


color photo: closeup of a handspindle's whorl -- woods: orange Padauk and creamy Ashcolor photo: Jim's detailing gouge with Purpleheart, Padauk and Wenge in the background


Two of fiber artists’ favorite woods: Purpleheart from South America and Padauk (I say “PA-dook”) out of Africa are always featured prominently in every batch of handspindles emerging from the woodshop.



color pic: Hatchtown low whorl "Production" handspindles.

A passel of Hatchtown low whorl “Production” handspindles.


Award-winning Fleeces!

Award-winning Fleeces!


Hatchtown Farm is tucked away on the Pemaquid peninsula in midcoast Maine, a delightful spot steeped in history and natural beauty. We share this old farm with Gemma, a bouncy Goldendoodle, Hera and Hermes, a sister and brother team of felines, a flock of registered Coopworth sheep and a mixed bag of laying hens with a sometime smattering of pigs thrown in just to thwart possible boredom.

multi-colored eggs in carton

Fresh eggs


We’re a small farm, working sustainably and with a hands on approach to all that we do. Our customers tell us that they value our friendly, personalized service and the attention to detail that goes into all of our products. In our tools, fiber and food you will find excellent quality, simple beauty and joy in their use.


We invite you to visit us if you’re in the area …see the sheep …fondle some fiber …take away wonderful memories and maybe some goodies! If you can’t come to Bristol, visit our Farm Journal for all the latest news.