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CSA Fair

here I am at the CSA fair

here I am at the CSA fair

This was a really cool statewide event that was organized with the help of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. There were venues spotted around all over the state and when I saw that there was going to be one very close by, I leaped at the chance to get involved. I packed up a bunch of roving & yarns and our CSA brochure and off I went for the afternoon. It was fun! There were bunches of people shopping for CSA’s and a number of CSA’s that were a little different — one producer of farmed fish, one offering prepared foods (made w/organic, local ingredients), one offering a CSA where the buyer does a majority of the veggie washing/cleaning in order to keep costs down and then there was me. I can honestly say that nobody came running over to me gushing “Oh, Gosh! I’ve been looking all over the place for a fiber CSA!”  But most everyone who stopped by my table thought the Fiber CSA was a cool idea and took info for a knitting/spinning friend or their knitting group or themselves.  So I’d have to say it was a few hours well spent.

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