Maine Fiber Frolic 2017 Poster
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Jim's having great fun up there!

Jim's having great fun up there!

I had no idea this would feel sooo good! Remember those holes in the ceiling I talked about a while back? They’re gone…Now there’s no ceiling at all!! So this is progress? Well, we’re a little closer to a new ceiling, right? Jim did the hard part. My jobs were keeping the fan blowing the dust out without the fan falling out of the window and getting rid of all the stuff that came down. Fortunately, it was a warmish day so we were able to keep the window open and I kept feeding the old ceiling out the window and into the garden carts that stood at the ready. Love those carts! We use them for everything! It took just a few hours and we were all cleaned up by dinner time. The kittens were gone today so it seemed like a good time to make this mess…they were at the vet’s for neutering. Sorry kitties…

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