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leaping into March

February was longer than usual by 1 day and it still managed to slip by me.  I didn’t go on holiday or anything…just got caught up in family, farmy and fleecy things and then it was March.

We celebrated our younger son’s Birthday on Groundhog Day.  Yes, he was born on the 2nd at home while we were still in NJ. As he made his way into this world, there were jokes made about him seeing his shadow and retreating for another 6 weeks.  That seems humorous now but at the time…not so much.  Anyway, we had a little family party at the local Thai restaurant and had a great time.  I’ve recently discovered Thai and have fallen in love.  I’d always thought it would be too spicy but not so.  And we shared fried ice cream…ginger…worth every calorie! Forgot the camera.

On the 10th I reported for jury selection.  This was a first for me.  It was a really interesting process and the Judge was a wonderful educator. I wasn’t chosen for either of the juries they were selecting but I met a lot of interesting people and got to knit whenever the Judge wasn’t in the courtroom…which was a lot of the time. No photos in the courthouse.

Our neighbors at Ruit Farm North, Nina & John had their shearing on the 18th.  Happily, it coincided with our spinning group’s 3rd Saturday meeting so a bunch of us went to help and brought our wheels &  knitting along. We stayed for a yummy potluck lunch and a relaxing afternoon of fibery fun.  Wow! A fiber-full day!  Photos posted at the group’s site.

All month, Jim was tap-tap-tapping and sawing away at lumber for new sheep feeders. One we had was falling apart and the other had already totally self-destructed.  It’s really important for pregnant ewes to have lots of space around the feeder. They can get very grumpy and hurt each other if they’re crowded and the less aggressive ewes will get pushed aside and not get their fair share of food.  This is more of a problem than you might think and can lead to serious, possibly life threatening, problems later in pregnancy. I think Jim has been posting photos of the feeders at various stages on Facebook but here I bring you the finished product…very spiffy indeed!

The girls are loving their fabulous new feeders - made by Jim

Looking at these girls…shearing can’t come too soon!  And it already has — March 10th was the big day.  Jim and I put our camera in the capable hands of one of our guests that day, Maureen, and she took wonderful photos!  We’d never met before that day…wonder if she thinks we’re a little strange.  I’ll be back shortly with her photos.  Thanks Maureen! Until then, enjoy these sheep face shots…

Hazel expects more hay


Teasel needs a haircut


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