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Better than Mudpies

Recently, I was invited to a HyperTufa party.  This stuff has fascinated me for quite some time so I was very excited about being able to spend the day learning the ins and outs of it.  So earlier this week, I tagged along with my friend Nina to Ali and Dan’s absolutely lovely home.  I would’ve been happy to just sit in their fabulous backyard, relax and watch the hummingbirds flitting around in the Monarda. But then Dan brought out the cement mixer!

Dan churns a batch of HyperTufa in his super duper cement mixer.

Dan churns a batch of HyperTufa in his super duper cement mixer.

  In no time at all, we’d mixed up a batch of HyperTufa and everyone was starting to make cool stuff.  I made a small planter for Jim to put some cacti in.  And then Dan & Ali brought out their extensive collection of molds — many of which were tag sale finds — and let us borrow them.  I chose a large salad bowl and used it to make a shallow bird bath.  I’m very excited about it because I’ve always wanted one.  Now I’ll have to look around in our stash of old granite to see if there’s something we can perch it on.  If there’s nothing suitable, I’ll make a HyperTufa stand for it because…I’m hooked!!

Here I am smooshing the SyperTufa into a's going to be a birdbath.

Here I am smooshing the HyperTufa into a's going to be a birdbath.

I can see lots of Portland cement in my future…and I should mention that Jim’s been asking loads of questions so he’s definitely interested.  HyperTufa here we come!  I forgot to take my camera on the day ( really have to try harder to remember!) so these photos are posted here thanks to Nina — who didn’t forget her camera!

4 comments to Better than Mudpies

  • Dan

    Cement and fun are two words not always found in the same sentence. HyperTufa can change that! Be brave!

  • Ali

    Hi Pam,
    I’m glad you enjoyed HT day! It was great for us, too, as it helped me get jumpstarted after a stall-out, and now I’ve got lots of ideas buzzing. A great onine resource is the Hypertufa forum at GardenWeb

    Since Monday we’ve made 2 batches of concrete for birdbaths and I’ve been working on a plan for a copy of a Pictish stone made from hypertufa. Thanks for infecting me with your enthusiasm!


  • Pam

    You have an amazing collection of molds! Any chance of show & tell after this last batch has cured?!

  • Pam

    Jim’s been rinsing (and the rain has helped, too) daily and the 2 pieces I made are looking really nice…what a difference a week or 2 makes! We’re hooked!