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It’s a New Year!

Spot is looking for some goodies

Spot is sure that I've hidden another bucket of goodies behind that gate!

The new year arrived and we didn’t really make much of it…a quiet evening at home and a good night’s sleep. We spent the 1st getting ready for a load of hay and I did some sorting in the studio. The sheep got their holiday goodies today (a little behind schedule) and were most appreciative. Most of them love apples — some prefer carrots — a few don’t like either — but everyone who wanted something got it today. It’s always fun to watch the little ones with their first taste of apple. To begin with, they don’t have a clue how to get it into their mouths…it’s a different shape than they’re used to. Then they’re not sure how to chew it…texture is all wrong. When they do get it rolled around into the right spot for those molars to chomp on it and they get that first taste of sweet juice…WOW! you can see their eyes brighten and their chewing becomes alot more enthusiatic! Then they follow you around looking for more — very cute!!

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