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more hay…in April?

I think I must have miscalculated somewhere along the way because we’re still getting hay that I ordered last summer. It’s lovely stuff…certified organic and it smells so good, I might eat it. Jim thought it might make good tea. The sheep certainly approve and they’ve been staying in very nice condition on it.

preparing to off load hay

There’s another 100 bales        [….read more]

Ewe Attitude

Maybe it’s because I know our sheep so well but I can tell exactly what these girls are thinking…

Ears back…I'm in the dog house.

This is usually because I’m taking too long to put out the morning buffet. And here’s Tatum doing her impression of Queen Victoria. Actually, I believe she was Queen Victoria in another life. Oooo — the body language!

       [….read more]

Good-bye Summer

Fall is well and truly upon us. Rain is more common these days, colder nights have produced some frosty mornings and oh! the leaves are turning — it’s a great year for color! The rhythm of the farm has changed from the frantic pace of summer — moving fence & sheep often every other day, caring for temporary residents like the roasters and pigs and        [….read more]

My Favorite!

This is absolutely my most favorite piece of eqiuipment ever…even more favorite than the food processor or the KitchenAid mixer!! I don’t know why we didn’t get it years ago…maybe we were younger and our backs were stronger. But then one day a couple of years ago, our backs started screaming and we listened. And this wonderous thing came to live here. Usually it just        [….read more]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We were going to go out but it was one of those days. The reservations never got made so we’re going to have a pizza fest — 3 kinds — and a big salad. Today we took advantage of decent weather to get work done outside. Jim spent a bunch of time cleaning up in front of the barn doors. It’s an ongoing project to        [….read more]