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sigh…it’s still winter

But the sun has made an appearance! I won’t complain about the weather…









…about getting slammed again and again…snow, wind, rain. Yes, rain and THUNDER! I’m just saying…not complaining, really!








This is winter in Maine after all, and we should be ready for all of it…even expect it,        [….read more]

december flew by

It’s definitely true that as we age time flies by faster and faster. This past year went by so fast! And the time since Thanksgiving…well, I don’t know where the heck that went. All of a sudden, it was Christmas!

It’s been a really crazy month especially weather-wise, and I think that must be part of why December is a blur. One day of clearing        [….read more]

coming and going

If you’ve checked us out on Facebook recently, you may have already seen a photo or 2 of our new family member…Gemma. She’s a Goldendoodle pup who joined our family a week ago Friday. We’re having a whole lot of fun with her. She’s really quite laid back for a pup, smart as can be and CUTE! Here are some puppy love photos for you…

       [….read more]

Taste Test

The results are in…the seaweed is a hit!

Jolie and Tatum testing (and loving) the seaweed.

Jolie and Tatum are older girls and let’s just say…they’re not shy! They tried to hog the bowl but we made sure the more timid girls had a taste, too. That little bag didn’t go very far but I think it’s safe to say they’d be        [….read more]

Charging Our Batteries

Yesterday after we’d done chores and then moved all the ewes to a new pasture, we picked up our mail from the box on the street (forgot to do that on Saturday) and discovered that our beach/park passes had arrived. That was it… off we went to “The Point” for a couple of hours…a reminder of why we live here! We charged our batteries…a be-e-eautiful        [….read more]