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coming and going

If you’ve checked us out on Facebook recently, you may have already seen a photo or 2 of our new family member…Gemma.  She’s a Goldendoodle pup who joined our family a week ago Friday.  We’re having a whole lot of fun with her.  She’s really quite laid back for a pup, smart as can be and CUTE!  Here are some puppy love photos for you…


gemma tongue

big puppy tongue


gemma sleeping

snoozing Gemma -- yes, that's the couch -- but she's not spoiled!

gemma & skye

Ple-e-e-ase play with me!

On the farm front, last week we brought all of our sheep home from their off farm pastures.  With the possibility of snow at any time now, it makes sense to keep chores as simple as possible. Close to home is simple.  At the same time, we pulled the rams out of their breeding groups…which brings me to the news that there will be lambs arriving this Spring!  Twelve ewes were with the rams and all were marked.  Now we wait. 

It was sort of like musical sheep around here for a couple of days with sheep arriving from here and there and various groups being merged.  The boys always have to figure out who’s boss when we put them back together so for a day or two, they’re shakin’ the barn walls. Even the ewes get into it a little…there’s a pecking order to be established you know!  But everyone is settled in now. 

Ina Mae & Iona

Ina Mae & Iona (front) in the RAV4 and ready to roll.

We had 2 bred ewes leave for their new home, too. Ina Mae and Iona have gone to live on North Haven island at Cider Hill Farm…lucky girls!

Now that the animals are organized, we’ll put some time into getting ready for Christmas.  Does anyone have a few elves they could spare? 

13 comments to coming and going

  • Nina

    Glad to see that Gemma is getting some air time! She has to be one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. On the elf front, we could use a little help ourselves!

  • Sue Child Kerr via the Hatchtown page on Facebook

    Tricia’s friend has one. You have to take her for haircuts?

  • Barbara

    Good to see you posting again! I love to keep up with the doings at the farm. Gemma is precious and I’m sure she will bring you much joy. Do you think she’ll want to work the sheep? How big will she get? I have a new angora bunny named Papagena… That makes 3. Christmas Joy to all of you!

  • Pam

    Well, thank you! She’s making us laugh a lot. I see that Kris over at Losing Sleep Counting Sheep has an elf helper but I doubt that she’d want to ship him off to Maine.

  • Pam

    I think some folks groom them and I suppose in the summer it might be a good idea but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now we’re trying to cross the bridge to the land of “no more accidents” — doing pretty well.

  • Pam

    I can’t wait to see what she does tomorrow after all the snow we get tonight!

  • Pam

    Thanks for the encouragement, Barbara, and for sticking with me. I’m trying…really! Gemma seems more interested in the chickens than the sheep at this point but we’re going to train her to ignore both (hopefully). I doubt that she’d be very good at herding. She’s probably going to be between 45 and 55 pounds. What color is your new bunny?

  • Barbara

    My new bunny is a color called Opal — a grayish, beigish lavender! She is the great-great-granddaughter of my first bunny, Benz. All my bunnies are German cross, from Beth Acker. So far, Papagena eats more than my two adult males combined! When I first got her, she was this tiny little fluff ball with full-sized ears — she has grown into them, and should be ready soon for her first fiber harvest. I can’t wait to see how it spins up!

  • Nautical Goldendoodles

    Our heart smiles, she is used to the chickens, ours chase them it has become a game, they do not hurt them just chase. Thanks for loving her she looks very happy. Happy New Year, Steve

  • I realize that my offer might come a little late at this point but that thought did go through my mind. I needed him until the last minute though!

  • Pam

    Oooo…that color sounds beautiful! Would love to see it spun up!

  • Pam

    We think Gemma really likes her new home and we couldn’t be happier that’s she’s here! She studies the chickens but so far hasn’t tried to chase them. We keep her on leash during chores because of the electric fences. When she’s a little older and reliably responds to “down and stay” we’ll feel more comfortable about letting her off leash.