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Vinalhaven Memories

A week ago, I was just settling back into the real world after 4 glorious days away with 4 of my fiber buddies. We took a little fibery vacation to Vinalhaven, a beautiful island off the Maine coast and just over an hour’s ride on the ferry.

We were goofing around before we even got off the ferry! The weather was breezy and far cooler        [….read more]

Shearing Day…Spring is on the way!

This morning it’s snowing just enough to brighten up the grey piles that pepper the landscape, but the other morning when I opened the door, I smelled Spring…a welcome change from the all familiar wood smoke of Winter! And last week, our cat was stalking a Robin that was flitting around in one of the apple trees. A Robin…? I know, it seems a little        [….read more]

More Shearing Day

And now a little creative piece from Jim. Enjoy!

See Spot's Spot?

Oh my — time flies — not sure I’m having fun but I’m really looking forward to our shearing weekend. Jim and I have been busy getting the barn ready. You wouldn’t believe the amount of “stuff” (being polite here) that can accumulate in a big old barn during the winter months! There’s always more to do but I think we can shear without tripping        [….read more]

Shearing 2010

Our shearing is scheduled for Saturday, March 20th — the first day of Spring!

When I made the date, I didn’t realize it was a “good karma” date. But what a nice day to celebrate our harvest. And if there are any fleecey sheep left in the pen when we call it a day, we’ll finish up on Sunday. Emily (our fabulous shearer) and        [….read more]