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more hay…in April?

I think I must have miscalculated somewhere along the way because we’re still getting hay that I ordered last summer.  It’s lovely stuff…certified organic and it smells so good, I might eat it.  Jim thought it might make good tea.  The sheep certainly approve and they’ve been staying in very nice condition on it.

preparing to off load hay

There’s another 100 bales waiting for us to pick up so we’ll definitely have some left over when it comes time to put the sheep out on grass. That could be a good thing, though, because the soil is very dry…we had very little snow.  It might mean a not-so-great grazing season and maybe we’ll be happy to have that extra hay in the barn.

2 comments to more hay…in April?

  • I saw Jim getting ready to unload the 100 bales of hay-it looked good-Jim too!
    …we baled and unloaded 158 bales of hay this past Monday, whew!

  • Jolene Brewer

    Sure wish I still lived on the farm. Miss the chickens, sheep and cows and pigs and horses and dogs and cats. What, who, did I miss?
    I got some Coopworth wool from WV many years ago and got Reserve Champion mention for a skein of yarn, 3 ply. Very fine. Have made a vest, but need to spin a bit more to finish. Will put it in the fair next year.
    Thank you for your website. You are mentioned on Knitting Paradise.