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Usually it takes me a few days to recover from Maryland…mostly it’s the long drive that gets to  me.  But this year wasn’t normal… it was SUPER HOT!  Considering that it was snowing in parts of Maine on the day I left, the heat was kind of like a punch in the gut.  All that aside — the festival was as wonderful as ever — although it is becoming very BIG.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people there…

maryland crowd

The main boulevard into the fairgrounds was well travelled all day Saturday -- and take a look at that parking lot in the background!

I participated at the American Coopworth Registry booth again and our members brought together a wonderful selection of Coopworth products…a lot of talent in this group!  The booth was well stocked with everything from handmade woolie greeting cards and pins to hats designed with tons of woolie locks knitted in and looking like a wild head of hair…and lots of beautiful yarn, roving & fleece of course. (photo by Martha)

ACR booth MD 2010

Our booth was busy...serious fiber folks don't let the weather get them down.

This year our group was invited by the Festival Committee to participate in the Breeds Display Barn…just 2 weeks before the Festival — yikes!  Luckily, one of our junior members was bringing sheep so that was one big hurdle taken care of…and our member who does the Coopworth Breed Display at Rhinebeck jumped right in and volunteered to take this on.  And here’s the result of their efforts — WOOHOO to Kris and Erinn!!

MD breed display 2010

A beautiful selection of Coopworth products and loads of photos of our members' sheep.

winning MD breed display

The judges awarded us Champion of the Wool Breeds Division & Grand Champion overall!

Didn’t do much shopping this year — picked up a book for a friend and a replacement part for my Woolee Winder.  I was tempted by some beatiful fiber but behaved myself.  Mostly, I spent a bunch on water, lemon and limeade and a couple of very tasty lamb lunches enjoyed with friends in the shade of a big old tree.

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