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Usually it takes me a few days to recover from Maryland…mostly it’s the long drive that gets to me. But this year wasn’t normal… it was SUPER HOT! Considering that it was snowing in parts of Maine on the day I left, the heat was kind of like a punch in the gut. All that aside — the festival was as wonderful as ever —        [….read more]


I apologize once again for the late posts. The 2 previous posts were almost done when I was overcome with preparing for Rhinebeck so I’ve just published them.

I don’t know where this past week has gone…can it really be a week since I was on the road headed for NY?! It was a great show…always so good to see old friends and meet new        [….read more]

We're Moving...

BIG NEWS…Our booth at Rhinebeck (NY State Sheep & Wool Festival) will be in a new location…Building B. After many years in our lovely spot on the loft of the horticultural building (aka Bldg 22), the local fire marshalls decided it was too crowded to be safe and the festival organizers gave all of us on that side of the loft our marching orders.

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Rhinebeck (aka NY State Sheep & Wool Festival) Fun!

Rhinebeck was wonderful! It took a little longer than usual to get the booth set up because everything was new but it was well worth it. And as always, Nina had infinite patience and was very very helpful. We have alot of fun at this show and it’s so good to see old friends…and meet new people, too! This year we had new neighbors across        [….read more]

New Booth – finishing touches

For lack of a local place to buy cheap fabric, I went to Walmart. The kittens had to go back to the shelter for their shots and Walmart is close by. Really don’t like to shop there, however, we need some curtains for the new booth set up and I’m kicking myself for leaving it so late. I got lucky! I checked out the curtain        [….read more]