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Only Two Can Play This Game

 I think they know something’s amiss. They’re looking at me like “Ah-hem…did you forget something?” I’m trying not to make eye contact. If you don’t make eye contact you can’t give anything away, right? I feel guilty. I mean, they only get one chance each year to “play” and I put the kibosh on that with the decision to skip lambing this year. The boys don’t know yet but 2 of them are going to get lucky. We’re going to send 2 of them off soon. The farms they’re going to are “Hatchtown approved” — one does the same testing we do with the same results. The other has purchased stock only from us and is on an island. Everyone will spend the alotted period of time in quarantine upon return…and then pay the price for having been with ewes. The other rams will know! Their noses know! We don’t normally lease rams for alot of reasons –mostly involving health issues, but we’re confident that these farms will work out OK.

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