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Pretty Pennsylvania

Wish I could’ve spent more time in PA on this trip. Jim and I lived there 30+ years ago and used to camp & fish near where Erinn & Caroline live. Fond memories. Our son, Josh, kept me company on the drive and we had nice time…lot’s of talking and catching up on what’s happening. We saw some beautiful scenery…so different from coastal Maine. I’d forgotten about mountains and valleys like that! We passed through some communities where haymaking was being done with horses. Very cool! We covered alot of ground in just over 2 days and I could use a day of downtime but we’ve got to get Tatum and Bubba settled into their new digs.  They’ll be spending about a month in quarantine. They won’t be together (no lambs!) but will be able to see each other so they won’t be lonely. We’ll be watching them closely and they’ll get their feet trimmed, checked for parasites, etc. Bubba is badly in need of a shearing so I’ll have to see if Emily can come out.

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