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We all know I don’t post regularly so it’d be silly to say I hadn’t posted recently because our internet has been sketchy.  But it is true that our cable was acting up last week and it got progressively worse until finally on Thursday, it pretty much died.

So while we were waiting for the tech & cable guys to show up, I got some shots of the critters around here…

I caught Lark tormenting poor old Skye…such a naughty girl. He’d really like to nip her nose but he looks away because he knows he’s not allowed to…and I’ve got my eye on him. ;>)naughty Lark

Been watching this nest for awhile.  Like we don’t have enough birds around here!

full nest


empty nest


 Our Rangers are getting big and loving the grass.  They eat slugs, too!rangers ranging

I imagine it’d be nice to join these girls…


And here’s my friend Jolie…Jolie



That’s it for now…

4 comments to Shots you might like…

  • Barbara G

    Love the pix of the critters! What little birds flew the nest? It was good to see you at the Maine Fiber Frolic, and I will make good on my threat to come visit…

  • Jennie Calta

    Gorgeous pictures Pam!!! I enjoy checking in now and again seeing the pics of the animals. 🙂

  • Pam

    Barbara — thanks for stopping by!! The little birds were in the sheep shed. Mama has laid another clutch and is setting again. I’m watching for the second hatch. I haven’t identified the type of bird…looking for my bird book.

  • Is she *winking* at you in the last shot?