Maine Fiber Frolic 2017 Poster
MOFGA Common Ground Fair Poster

My Jungle

We feel like we're living in a jungle!

Three days ago I could see out this window while I stood at the kitchen sink — Yes! I said THREE! The bamboo has taken over what used to be the perfect little kitchen herb garden I had growing below the window…it was so convenient, with full sun and all the herbs I really use all        [….read more]

Salad Bar in Bristol

Ewes happily munch Spring grass after a long winter of boring old hay.

The sheep are now officially “on pasture” after a week of carefully reacquainting them to the green stuff. It takes a little while to get their rumens adjusted to rich, wet feed after 6 months of eating dry hay. Too much too soon can cause the sheep to “bloat” and that’s        [….read more]

A Farm Grows in Bristol

There’s been a population explosion here…so much so that I’ve been up to my ears in new little bodies for the last couple of weeks. We go through this every year but this year we’re getting everyone onboard a little earlier than usual…because we’re not busy cycling various groups of sheep/lambs around on the grass daily. The newbies are 4 Tamworth piglets, 50 Cornish chicks        [….read more]

Camo Kitty

Hermes has taken a liking to the studio…no doubt because he knows this is the one place in the house that he’s not supposed to be. I’m realizing that kitties are not very different than kids. I have to be very careful about going in and out because he’s very good at slipping through my legs. He’s now started yowling and trying to break the        [….read more]

Winning Fleeces!

Galen's fleece — great crimp, lustre & hand…and the pewter blue color is amazing!

Once again…photos have held this up. I’m so sorry but I’m having a heck of a time with this photo thing…it shouldn’t be difficult but I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. BUT here they are — shots of the winning fleeces from Maryland S&W Festival.        [….read more]