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Big Oops!

Today I had a new driving experience…adventure? I was on my way to an appointment and went off the road.  Coming up to an intersection, I began skidding on the icy road and ended up down a really steep embankment…Jim says about 50 degrees. Thankfully, some trees stopped the car before it reached the river at the bottom. I wasn’t moving very fast so the air bags stayed put. It was more interesting than it was scarey but I wouldn’t want to do it again! The worst part was climbing out and up that big hill in knee deep snow…I was dressed for an appointment, not hiking! I’m OK — the car, not so good — and that makes me very sad because I really love that car. It’s young and I’m already missing the heated seats — #1 on my “wish list” when we bought it. But it can be fixed and we’re very lucky, actually.  Poor Jim was more upset than I was and happy to see me walking away from the car.  I took a photo with my phone but have to figure out if I can post it here…I’m electronically challenged.

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