Fiber CSA

Grand Champion Fleece -- MDSW

Grand Champion Fleece — MDSW

No matter where you hang your hat, you can be a part of what happens here at Hatchtown Farm.

Sorry…we’re not offering Fiber Shares in 2015.  We will have fleeces available after shearing in the Spring. 

Please stay tuned to the Farm Journal for information.

Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) offers a unique opportunity for you, the fiber enthusiast, and us, the fiber producers, to form a relationship that benefits us both. As a CSA member, you are encouraged to become involved in the everyday workings of the farm. You gain a better understanding of what goes into producing fabulous fleece and a connection is made to the animals that grow it. In turn, we’re helped financially while the fiber grows and when it is harvested, a market is already in place.

So… if you love knowing where your fiber comes from or maybe you’ve dreamed about raising your own sheep, this is your chance to experience it all without the dirty hands and aching back. Of course, if you’d like to get some poop on your shoes, come on by! There’s always something to do around the farm and the sheep love to show off for visitors!

Checking the luster and crimp.

Fleece on the hoof! Checking the lustre and crimp.

When you purchase a Hatchtown CSA share, your dollars go toward feeding the sheep and all that’s involved with keeping the flock happy, healthy & productive. Our weekly online Farm Journal will keep you connected to what’s happening on the farm and of course, you’ll want to come to the Spring Shearing & Harvest Celebration. Throughout the year, we’ll cook up some fun fiber projects & give-aways just for our CSA members, too.

After the sheep are sheared in the Spring, shares will be sent to all the CSA members. You may choose your share in the form of yummy yarns or perfectly prepared rovings to be spun up personally. Our Coopworths wear covers and grow lustrous, silky fleeces in a variety of natural colors as well as creamy white so you will have a nice assortment to play with.

Skirting a Fleece - it takes a community

Skirting a Fleece – it takes a community

We have, for a number of years, worked with a small family-owned mill and have established a wonderful relationship with them. Their machines happily accept our fiber and we’re always delighted with the extraordinary rovings & semi-worsted yarns they return to us. We know you’ll love them, too!

Each share is $150 and includes shipping to wherever you do your fiber thing.* When you sign up, you’ll receive a share certificate and a nice little thank you gift from us. A CSA share is a wonderful gift for that special fiberholic in your life…or yourself!

You can buy as many shares as you like. Not to worry… We’ll keep track of the numbers so all the members will be sure to receive a generous selection of fiber.

*If your share will be delivered in Maine, please add $7.50 per share to cover ME sales tax.