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It Must Be Spring…

Yellow DaffODill Blossoms

Yellow Daffies -- a sure sign of Spring!

We’ve had some lovely weather and the outdoors has become a much nicer place to be…thank goodness!  The sun feels so good and charges our batteries after that very long winter. 

Jim has cleaned up most of the branches that came out of the trees during the numerous storms.  Its still too mushy to use the tractor so the larger ones remain but it’s a start!  I got into the little garden in front of the shop/studio and cleared away all of the leaves and debris that had collected there.  The daylilies are peeking through now and the Lily of the Valley, too. This is a shady spot at this time of year so everything is long in coming there.  On the other side of the house, the daffs are up — a little bright color in the landscape is lovely!

Jim helped me dig out the bamboo that had taken up residence in the studio garden last year.  It’ll be back!  I’m ready for it, though.  I’ve been told it’s not really bamboo but it looks the part.  Apparently, during Victorian times this plant was used to hide homestead dumps and this homestead was no exception!  There was quite a large stand of the stuff beside the summer kitchen when we moved here.  Later, when we excavated for the studio and moved the summer kitchen, we found all sorts of shards of china/pottery, old bottles and even a chamberpot amongst that stand of “bamboo.”  Unfortunately, the excavating “relocated” some of the bamboo and now it shows up annually about this time of year in various places.  I’m working on it.  I’d welcome any ideas on how to get rid of it…aside from using RoundUp. 

The chorus of peepers is loud and strong — love it!  Our duck couple is back on the little pond and is joined from time to time by a pair of Canada geese.  They do a good job of avoiding each other.  The geese actually seem to spend more time marching around in the pasture.  I’m not sure we’re going to be too happy about them being here once the grass is up and going but maybe the appearance of the sheep in the pastures will change their minds about this place…you think?

The sheep are sniffing the breeze…they know the grass is coming along!

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