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Spoke too soon...

So…remember that last post…the one where I said it had stopped snowing and all was right with our world?

Well, that was all very temporary!    When we woke up on Tuesday, it was snowing again.  We must not have been paying attention when the weather guy was predicting another 6+ inches!   It continued to snow through much of Wednesday…

WeatherSow buried

Where's the WeatherSow?

So we tractored (now used twice, it’s a word for sure) and shoveled and found a few more nooks and crannies for snow storage.   Jim tried once again to get the 12 year old snowblower started…no dice.  He uttered a few choice words and disappeared for an hour or so.  And look what he brought home…

new snowblower

electric start & turns on a dime -- what more could we ask for!

  OK — it took a pretty big bite out of the “side by side fund” but we’d still be fooling with snow without it.  The great thing about snowblowers is they can get into small spaces that the tractor can’t.  And they don’t create mountains of snow that are still hanging around making mud in April.

The sheep can get to their feeders, the chickens are happily scratching around outside and once again…all’s right with our world.

waiting for breakfast

wet and bedraggled ewes wait patiently for their hay

4 comments to Spoke too soon…

  • caryl carr

    I really like the shiny red new ‘toy.’ It is very cool that it has an electric starter – makes the thing so much easier to use. Maybe having this excellent tool will work as an anti-snow charm…

  • Mary Cady

    We hope things are improving and you’ve had a break from the crazy weather. I spoke with a friend in VA earlier this week. They had been snowed in for several days from the storm that went through there!

  • Pam

    Laughing…I think you could be onto something. Since we invested in the new toy we’ve been virtually snowless!

  • Pam

    Thanks, Mary. We’ve had a nice break — no accumulating snow, just enough to make everything pretty again after the warm rainy stretch. Sounds like the storm this weekend will stay to the south of us. Sorry it’ll probably mess up a lot of Superbowl plans…