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A Break

WeatherSow is naked. The cats are happy about that…they think she’s the best scratching post ever. I mean…just look at her snout, tail and ears!

It's amazing what 3 inches of rain and a couple of 45 degree days can do to two feet of snow! So now we begin again…

We had some really warm days not too long ago and it        [….read more]

Spoke too soon...

So…remember that last post…the one where I said it had stopped snowing and all was right with our world?

Well, that was all very temporary! When we woke up on Tuesday, it was snowing again. We must not have been paying attention when the weather guy was predicting another 6+ inches! It continued to snow through much of Wednesday…

Where's the WeatherSow?

So        [….read more]

Holy Sow!

When we headed for bed on Sunday night, it had just started snowing…no worries though. The weather folks assured us — “not much accumulation on the coast — about 2 to 4 inches.” It was still snowing in the morning…

Weathersow is up to her snout in snow!

and it continued to snow well into the afternoon!

Almost a        [….read more]