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Reading Sheep

At the moment, it’s pretty quiet around here. Don’t misunderstand…there’s plenty to do but none of it seems terribly interesting…at least to us. We’ve been doing this sheep/farm stuff for so many years that we tend to do much of it on autopilot. I’ve been looking around for some things that might be new to you.

Like this…

The back end of        [….read more]

On the Road

Bubba with his big fleece

Erinn W. needs a new ram so I’m heading out to PA. I’m taking her a young ram and will bring back the ram she has now, Bubba. She bought Bubba from us several years ago and he’s grown into quite the studly guy. I’m also going to take out a couple of adult Coopworth ewes to Caroline        [….read more]


We’re about to take the ram lambs out of the mixed lamb group. It’s just about now that they “come into themselves” — their hormones begin to kick in. We don’t want any little surprises arriving in the dead of winter so they’ll go to live with the big boys thus eliminating that possibility. Many a shepherd has waited a day or two too long.        [….read more]