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Portland Twice in One Month

Nina, Amy & I went out for a girls’ day. First we helped Nina find some nice new glasses, then checked out Williams Sonoma…picked up a couple of Christmas goodies there. Then we stopped in at El Camino in Brunswick, a favorite Mexican restaurant. The food there is always fresh, full of local ingredients and very reasonably priced…Oh! and it’s really tasty, too! Tomorrow we’ll        [….read more]

Why Do We Do That?!

Happy Thanksgiving! There were six of us for dinner yesterday and we all ate way too much…predictable! The turkey was really tasty — plenty of dark meat on this one and that made everybody happy. Despite all the hoopla about brining, I resisted and just prepared it the “normal” way — well, the way I learned from my Mom. Yum! We’re all taking it easy        [….read more]

I Can See!

I was in Portland by 10AM for an eye doc appointment. That has to be some kind of record! I hadn’t realised how long it’d been since I’d had my eyes checked. Really have to stay on top of these things as we age but it was surprising that my prescription hadn’t changed very much. Well, I now have 2 new pairs of glasses and        [….read more]


Lark is much better today — barely needed help to get up. She was unhappy about being by herself (a good sign!) so we put her half sister, Spot, in with her. Spot is a lovely girl but not the friendliest ewe so we felt this was an opportunity to spend some up-close & personal time with her. And she’ll get to know us a        [….read more]

A Quick Update

Lark is still having difficulty getting up but we can see where she’s scootching herself around in the pen so at least she’s trying…a very good sign. I’m helping her up several times a day and she moves around the pen pretty well. More vitamins, etc. Appetite is great, all systems are working well.