Maine Fiber Frolic 2017 Poster
MOFGA Common Ground Fair Poster

She’s Back!!

The car is back…all fixed and pretty! And the one perk of having it spend a good part of the winter at the auto body shop is that when it comes back, its been detailed! Smells like new, too — what fun! I’m so happy!!

My Favorite!

This is absolutely my most favorite piece of eqiuipment ever…even more favorite than the food processor or the KitchenAid mixer!! I don’t know why we didn’t get it years ago…maybe we were younger and our backs were stronger. But then one day a couple of years ago, our backs started screaming and we listened. And this wonderous thing came to live here. Usually it just        [….read more]

If It’s Monday, It Must Be Snowing!

When I finished my last post, I made a mental note that there would be no more talk about the weather…no more weather reports or incessant whining. Well, that was two days ago and I can’t help myself! We have once again been dumped on — another Monday snow storm! — and this time it’s caused the cooking class I’d enrolled in to be cancelled.        [….read more]