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Welcome to WoodShop News

If all goes well this will be the first post (yes, this is really a blog, but we’re not calling it that cuz it might scare folks) in the brandy new Hatchtown Farm “words from the woodshop” page on the website.

Testing …Testing Can you hear me now.

This Can’t Be Flu…can it?

I’m sick…really sick! Argh! I haven’t been this sick for a very long time. Did I bring this back from NY or is this going around in ME? Hmmm…It hit me so fast I barely saw it coming. One minute I had a little scratchy throat and the next thing I was walking dead. I hope Jim’s flu shot keeps him safe [so someone will        [….read more]


…whatever you want to call it, it’s been on our minds these days and in short supply. Jim, the assistant shepherd in charge of pasture management<BG>, has been watching, worrying, reporting. Finally, with some rain, it seems to be turning around. Too bad that Fall is on the doorstep now and growth is slowing down. Time to switch gears to finding/buying/storing hay. We’ve bought some        [….read more]


the henmobile aka the taj mahen

Jim has been building a most wonderful mobile hen house. Last year, a mink and an ermine took turns killing our hens. By the time we found someone to take the flock, there were only 4 hens left of the original 15 and the rooster. We kept hoping we could chase the beasties off or catch them        [….read more]

In the Beginning…

It occurs to me as I begin that I’ve actually been blogging for years. Here’s the picture…I’m with the sheep and I’m thinking (OK…sometimes actually talking) about all the things that I’d like to tell friends, family, people I haven’t even met yet. It’s so easy to blabber on through these thoughts when you’re with a bunch of sheep. They just look bemused by my        [….read more]