Maine Fiber Frolic 2017 Poster
MOFGA Common Ground Fair Poster

Big Fleece!

Emily shearing a white lamb

Emily sheared Bubba and another few lambs. She’s starting to get a cute little baby belly but as always she moved fluidly through the shearing. Ah — to be young! That light fawn alpaca I found at Common Ground is going to be blended with some white lamb fleece…yum! And Bubba’s fleece weighed 15 pounds! It’s long and a        [….read more]

Feline Fever

(LtoR) Hermes & Hera

Our friend, Jocelyn, who also happens to be a feline supermom, told us that the shelter is having a 2for sale on kitties. Jim has really been wanting a cat (or 2) but I’ve been resisting because it’s going to mean another thing for me to do…clean the box on a daily basis…at least until the great outdoors becomes the        [….read more]

Pretty Pennsylvania

Wish I could’ve spent more time in PA on this trip. Jim and I lived there 30+ years ago and used to camp & fish near where Erinn & Caroline live. Fond memories. Our son, Josh, kept me company on the drive and we had nice time…lot’s of talking and catching up on what’s happening. We saw some beautiful scenery…so different from coastal Maine. I’d        [….read more]

On the Road

Bubba with his big fleece

Erinn W. needs a new ram so I’m heading out to PA. I’m taking her a young ram and will bring back the ram she has now, Bubba. She bought Bubba from us several years ago and he’s grown into quite the studly guy. I’m also going to take out a couple of adult Coopworth ewes to Caroline O.        [….read more]

Gilda’s Hogget Fleece

Gilda's fleece and the yarn sample I made using the dog comb flicking method. The yarn is spun in the grease but here it's been washed.

I’m spinning Gilda’s hogget fleece now — flicking the raw locks with a dog comb and spinning them randomly. The fleece is multicolored and the resulting yarn is amazing! What a change her fleece has undergone with age.        [….read more]